Over the past few years wood burners and open fires have come back into vogue. Most people agree that sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter evening is something they like to do.

Open fires and wood burning stoves bring their own complications; anything that burns fuel gives off poisonous gases – be that an open fire, a solid fuel stove, a wood burner, or a gas heating system – and so it becomes clear that the maintenance of stoves and chimneys to expel dangerous gases is the Landlord’s responsibility in the same way a gas system would be.

This will include:
# Ensuring the stove is fit for purpose and is well maintained
# Ensuring the flue is clear and unobstructed to carry poisonous gases away.
# Ensuring the property has an adequate ventilation system appropriate to the stove.
# Ensuring the appropriate smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are fitted.

These will all be achieved by asking us to undertake an expert and professional Chimney Sweep and Stove Service.

As part of the structure of the building landlords have an obligation to keep the stove and the chimney in good repair. Landlords should also check what the requirements are of any building insurer with regards to the same.

With regards to any fuel burning appliance installed after October 2010 it must comply with appropriate Building Regulations. This means that any such appliance must either have been installed by a HETAS approved engineer, who can then self-certificate, or specific Building Regulation consent should have been obtained.

A tenant should ensure that such certification is kept in a safe place as this may be required.

Under these regulations a carbon monoxide detector will also have to be installed which the landlord will have to check is in good order. The landlord will then be responsible for the ongoing maintenance and repair of such a stove whilst it is in the property.

For appliances installed before this there is no specific requirement for certification save that landlords should be satisfied that they are safe and as part of this they would be well advised to ensure that a carbon monoxide detector is present.

Commercial Property:

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